Heavenly Moxibustion (Tian Jiu): Traditional Chinese Medicine “Vaccine”

Utilizing the strength of the summer months to prevent illnesses in the winter
with Debbie Yu, DAOM, EAMP, L.Ac

Basic Theory: Contracting respiratory diseases in the winter is often due to a deficiency of Yang Qi. Summer is the most Yang time of the year, the peak of heat, activity, and intensity. Heavenly moxibustion utilizes the strength of the summer to store the Yang Qi into the body, thus treating and preventing winter diseases come winter. In the summer, the Qi is at the most superficial layer in the skin. (Heat tends to rise in nature, as well as in the body, and you sweat more easily). Thus, the body is able to absorb the constituents of the herbs readily.

Basic process: Herbal paste is applied topically to specific points on the back, on 3 specific sunny days in the summer, at noon. Each application is left on for a few hours. Repeat for at least 3 summers.


2018 Dates: 
-Sunday July 17
-Wednesday July 27
-Saturday August 6 (extra day)
-Tuesday August 16
***These are ideal dates; at the least, treat 3 days ~10 days apart in the summer

May be beneficial for:
-Preventing respiratory illnesses, including bacterial/viral infections, esp. in people who run cold
-Asthma (chronic)

-Convenient: quick application and infrequent treatment
-Controllable: can control intensity by removing paste and washing off

Side effects: Local sites may burn, blister, itch, and/or scar.

pregnant women, or people with very sensitive skin. Caution with children.

Some more logistics: 
-$40 for the series. Sign up by emailing debbiehyu@gmail.com
-Sign up for 3 appointments. Each appointment will be about 15 minutes, so I can thoroughly explain the process, and answer any questions you may have. I am also available via email for follow up or further questions.
-Avoid scheduling the appointments too late in the day, especially if you sleep early. A 6-hour retention time is average and optimal.
-Avoid coming to the appointment with tight clothing, particularly sports bras, as it may be difficult to put back on, once the patches are in place.
-To remove the patches, you will either need to be flexible enough to reach behind, or have someone who can help you. You should also gently wash your back after removing the patches.
-Avoid bathing during the treatments, esp. if blisters form. Showers are okay.

san fu line
Line forming outside a hospital in China, waiting for their heavenly moxibustion treatment!

Intro to Thai Yoga Massage Workshop (1.5 hours)

feetDeepen your yoga practice. Deepen your bodywork practice. Experience massage, breath and connection in a new way!

This workshop will introduce fundamental Thai yoga massage techniques. You will learn how to properly move and use your own body in order to affect the flow of energy (lom, prana, qi) in both you and your partner. Class will begin with a short individual yoga sequence, followed by a brief lecture and demo, then hands-on practice. Both partners will get the opportunity to give and receive. Some yoga experienced is preferred, but not required. Come with your partner or friend. You will both leave feeling grounded, energized, and balanced!

I choose Thai yoga massage as my primary form of bodywork because I feel it is the most sustainable. As a practitioner, I get to practice yoga as well as massage; I get to move my qi and breathe, and all seemingly effortlessly. As a receiver, it is a whole body experience, just as a balanced yoga class is. Every muscle is awakened, whether touched, stretched, or shaken.

Who: Open to all!

Date: Please check back for next session.

ACU-YOGA(& Qigong) Workshop

Good ol’ Warrior One on Little Si

Come experience the synergistic effects of yoga and acupuncture!
Exercise is always more fun with friends – not to mention, they keep you accountable for showing up!

What: This is an all-levels movement class combing gentle yoga with qigong focusing on cultivating energy and lifting the spirit, followed by a an extended shavasana (final resting posture) with 2-4 auricular acupuncture needles.

What is auricular acupuncture? The ear is a microsystem, or reflexology of the body where certain points correspond to different parts of the body. What makes the ear different from other reflexology systems (ex. foot or hand) is that the ear is directly connected to the nervous system via cranial nerves. Auricular acupuncture can help relax and reset the body, which makes it a perfect complement to shavasana, a time to relax and reset, or an opportunity to go inward and integrate all that has happened.

When: Please check back for dates and times of next workshop