Why Chinese Medicine?


“2,500 years old, [Chinese medicine] is beautifully crafted.”
As a patient, I often feel frustrated with the health care system, receiving impersonal and incomplete care. I feel I lack options; and the options I am given are often too intense, too invasive, or just symptomatic. I am sure I am not alone in these feelings.

I see Chinese medicine, not as an “alternative” form of medicine, but as a complementary adjunct, meaning it doesn’t have to replace conventional medicine. 2,500 years old, Chinese medicine is beautifully crafted, in that it addresses your whole body. It takes everything into account. No system is separate from another; everything is connected.
My goal is to offer an inviting space to heal safely, holistically, and sustainably. Changes can be small and slow and set to your pace, but I assure you, all will be effective.