Now you can receive quality care right from your home. Remove the extra stress and time of traveling to an office.

This service is for: 

  1. Busy people
  2. People who live in a small town
  3. People who prefer no needles (acupuncture)

How it works:

  1. Make an appointment here:  JANEAPP
  2. You will receive an email, prompting you to fill out intake form.
  3. You will soon receive an invoice via Quickbooks for the initial consult. Please pay before the start of your appointment.
  4. 2 days prior to your appointment, you will receive a reminder, along with a special link to the “virtual waiting room.” Consults will take place via No downloads necessary! Yay! 

  1. You will receive a treatment plan, herbal prescription, and possibly other dietary/lifestyle recommendations – all of which will be available thru your online JANE account
  2. Let me know at the end of the consult if you want me to drop-ship your formula directly to you. This part is purely optional, as some prefer to get their formula filled by a local supplier.
  3. You will receive s second invoice after your visit, for the herbal medicine, if applicable. Upon payment, your order will be sent out ASAP


  • Online Herbal Consultation, Initial Visit (30min): $90
  • Online Herbal Consultation, Follow Up (15min): $25
  • Online Herbal Consultation, Re-Evaluation** (30min): $60
    **Re-evaluation occurs every 6th visit, or when a new condition arises


An online herbal consultation is not a service covered by insurance. Therefore, insurance billing will NOT be offered for this service. You will be expected to pay the fees at the time of service.

Herbs Available:

I carry primarily single granules from Evergreen Herbs. For bulk or formulas that I do not carry, orders will be put in with Urban Herbs or Bastyr Center for Natural Health, and drop-shipped directly to the patient from there.

BULK: loose herbs that you decoct in hot water over the stove for about 1 hr to create a tea
GRANULES: “the instant coffee” version. Mix powder with hot water to create a tea
PATENT: capsules, tablets or teapills that you swallow with water

Cost of herbs:

Price of herbs varies greatly, especially with bulk herbs. However, a week’s worth of granules will be approximately $20. An exact quote for your herbal prescription can be provided before the final invoice is sent.

Why regular follow-ups are necessary:

Typically, only a one-week supply is given at a time. Chinese herbs work relatively quickly and are shifting the body’s physiology and constitution. When the body changes, the treatment plan changes – and thus the herbal formula may require tweaking or may switch to a completely different formula altogether.