Debbie’s awareness of the subtle energetic body began soon after she took her first yoga class in 2006. “Yoga plays a huge role in both my physical and spiritual health; and I feel it expresses the best parts of me. It also encouraged me to pursue this path of medicine, healing, and spiritual health.” She practices and teaches hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga.

Debbie teaches hatha and yin yoga. She weaves her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, qigong and taichi seamlessly into her classes as well. She has taught to a wide range of students, including beginners, advanced, seniors, incarcerated youth, and fellow classmates. She strives to break the current connotation of yoga in today’s society – that all yoga is “hot yoga” or that one must be flexible to practice. There is less focus on accomplishing “difficult” poses, and more focus on cultivating internal awareness.


Debbie is an amazing yoga instructor. Her classes are flowing and create a calming environment, and her routines give a gentle yet thorough workout for mind and body”
— P.L.


“A yoga class with Debbie is the best present you can give yourself”
— J.A.